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"someday, I'll have a free hour or two..."

With a nod to my dusty copy of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, I make my introduction. Her web was finite,  unlike the internet, so I will try to be mindful when weaving my words.


So… here goes….

I am ‘Michelle’ to friends,’L. Michelle’ in publication, and ‘Lynne’ at the doctor’s office.


I’m that gal who is reminded of a funny story every time you tell one. Not to try to go-one-better, no, not at all. It’s just that anecdotes get my brain cogs turning and I love sharing the memories and stories that make me happy.

I am the girl who got so lucky and married the nicest guy, it’s true- ask anyone. He’s always up for a road trip and more often than not we are on our way to or from somewhere.  I usually take lots of pictures, too, and someday, I'll have a free hour or two make some art from their inspiration.

I’m the kind who I can’t leave the thrift shop or yard sale without at least one little treasure.  These things have stories, too. (I have purchased more cracked pottery than most folks throw away)


I’m an artist, a wife, a dog lover, and a savvy shopper.  I’m recovering goth kid, a prize-winning cornbread baker, and a costume creating queen.


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